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The only way to get a Chromebook without buying one

Wish all of your computers ran as well as your Chromebooks? New hardware isn't always an option; CloudReady now offers a meaningful alternative that will allow you to rapidly increase your access to great computing. The software replaces Windows or Mac OSX with a customized version of Chromium OS, effectively and efficiently transforming your computer into a fast, reliable, and easy-to-manage Google Apps experience.
Cost: $25 per year, annual subscription

  • A fast operating system that will not slow down with age
  • The same beautiful, intuitive interface as a Chromebook
  • Central management from the Google Management Console, your existing PC or Mac enrolled side-by-side with Chromebooks
    (requires separate purchase of Google Management license)

IMPORTANT: CloudReady is already certified on over 150 computer models; that number is growing every day. Please check the certified models list to be sure your machine is already listed. If your computer hardware is not currently on our certified list, please submit it to our development queue


PCReady makes slow, old, and obsolete PCs run like new 

PCReady is a turnkey, cost-effective solution to the typical hardware refresh cycle. PCReady software turns PCs up to 10 years old into high performing, secure and centralized machines that don't slow down, enabling schools lacking IT resources and personnel to get the most out of their existing computers, all for a minimal cost compared to buying and managing new PCs.  

  • Includes a central management platform to update all PCReady machines at once.
  • Supported by our expert, in-house tech team. 
  • Approved to deliver computer-based assessments. 

Neverware is K-12's most innovative technology company

Students deserve cutting edge computing and Neverware is bringing about a revolution in education technology. We enable schools to cost-effectively transform existing PCs into much-needed, high-performing machines for the 21st century classroom.  We design, build, deploy and support innovative solutions that help schools get the most out of their investments in technology and IT resources. Whether the environment is Windows or Chrome, we have the most affordable, efficient solution for schools. 

Neverware is headquartered in New York City and staffed by the best thinkers, doers, engineers, and education experts in the industry.


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