Build the bridge to a modern, better IT infrastructure

With CloudReady, you benefit from an OS that your users will love, built from the ground up for the cloud to deliver substantially improved performance, better security, and simplified device management.


Virtual applications & a secure, local, media-rich browsing experience

Eliminate the app gap. When you use CloudReady with VDI, you effectively bridge the gap between the old world and the new, giving you the flexibility to run all of your existing applications in an incredibly secure, modern OS on the devices of your choice.

Get the best of both worlds and pick from a wide array of application virtualization tools that will allow you to run any application seamlessly alongside a local, media-rich desktop experience. 


Already using VDI? Make it better with CloudReady.

If you're already running a VDI solution for your organization, you're well aware of its power and flexibility. CloudReady supercharges your VDI performance, giving you:

  • One OS for thin-client workstations, mobile cloud access, and everything in between
  • The flexibility and ease of use to deploy applications across your entire company
  • Device-level security that matches your data center
  • A future-proof solution that works with VDI, Office 365, G Suite, and whatever's next
And that's not all. By pairing CloudReady with Chrome Enterprise, you can use the Google Admin console to deliver a true thin client experience, securely and simply, on CloudReady machines. Just run your chosen virtualization technology's client in Kiosk mode to connect to a full desktop running on your organization's infrastructure.


Compatible with all of the leading VDI solutions

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Test it yourself for free.

Test Chrome OS without having to buy Chromebooks.

We offer 5 free trial CloudReady licenses that you can install and test on the hardware you already have. Get up and running in less than 30 minutes.



Improved management & security with no trade-offs.

Using CloudReady with VDI gives you the legacy app support that your employees need to get their work done. This includes Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and even the custom, industry-specific, or homemade business apps that your company currently relies on.

Remote workers? Multiple locations? Your team will love CloudReady: Its native integration with Chrome Enterprise means you can manage all your devices through the Google Admin console, and updates are deployed seamlessly via the cloud, without any disruption to users.

Using Chrome Enterprise, CloudReady devices are managed through the Google Admin console
Update existing hardware for the cloud with CloudReady

Embrace a cloud-first endpoint strategy—on your existing hardware.

Unlike traditional business operating systems, CloudReady supports hardware up to 13 years in age. It doesn’t matter if you just finished a hardware refresh or if you have machines still running Window 7.

CloudReady can be installed on almost any x86 hardware, giving you the flexibility to adopt the Chrome ecosystem on the devices that make the most sense for your business.

See our 300+ certified devices →


Immediate cost savings.

Moving to an operating system like CloudReady or Chrome OS costs substantially less than doubling down on your investment in Microsoft and upgrading to Windows 10.

You'll not only see the immediate upfront cost savings, but organizations on average see a return of $5.2M at an ROI of 295% over a three-year period.
"Enterprises that move to Chrome OS save on average $1.5M in device and software cost avoidance, and well over $3,000,000 in improved employee productivity and IT management and services savings."
- The Total Economic Impact™ Of Shared Google Chrome OS Devices, Forrester Research (2018)

Try CloudReady for free

Your organization qualifies for 5 free trial licenses that you can install and test on hardware you already have.

Get up and running in less than 30 minutes.

No joke. No commitment. No credit card.


Questions about Chrome for your business?


Chrome Experts are here for you.

Chrome Experts is the only community dedicated to IT professionals deploying and supporting Chrome OS, CloudReady, Chrome Enterprise, G Suite, and VDI in enterprise.

As you are evaluating CloudReady for your company, post a question and our community of experts will find a recommendation.

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