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"EdTech: Well Done" exists to promote the sharing of best practices, lessons learned, mistakes made, and forward-thinking ideas around EdTech. 

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#2: Kristin Harringon & Michelle Howell, #FLedchat

Released April 15, 2018

Description: Kristin and Michelle are co-moderators on Twitter's popular #FLedchat, every Wednesday at 8pm ET. Here they share Fled Chat's origins and discuss the Makerspace movement and gender equality programs, including a coding club for girls Michelle started at her school.


I think people can feel our energy and how much we support each other and care about each other and are truly friends, and I hope that’s what makes people want to come out every week.
— Kristin Harrington
  Kristin Harrington

Kristin Harrington

  Michelle Howell

Michelle Howell


About the host

 Jake Russell

Jake Russell

Raised by a Technology Director and a K-12 Business Manager, Jake Russell has seen the inner workings, late nights, and passion that fuel Education in America.

With an unending zeal for knowledge, he seeks out the best tips, tricks, and lessons learned from all of his guests.

Currently living in NYC, Jake can be found at the bookstore, taco stand, or flea market at almost any time.