CloudReady is the fast, simple way for your customers to embrace the Google ecosystem.


Neverware's CloudReady operating system is built to run on almost any computer from the last 10 years, turning them into fast, secure devices using the same technology foundation as Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

For schools, installing CloudReady breathes new life into old hardware, allowing extra use out of devices that may otherwise sit collecting dust.

For businesses, CloudReady is the secure, manageable, and fast way to deploy and manage the Chrome environment anywhere in the world, on any hardware.

Thousands of schools, businesses, non-profits, and government agencies around the world use CloudReady to streamline and secure their devices.

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CloudReady partner benefits

CloudReady partner benefits

Since CloudReady’s launch, Neverware has worked closely with channel partners as an invaluable resource for rapid growth and adoption.

Our current partner program provides two levels of partnership:

  • Associate: Transactional deals with no resource or commitment levels
  • Premier: Quarterly Reviews and shared QBR with agreed-upon goals


Premier Partner benefits include:

25%+ margin

25%+ margin on all deals

Deal registration/Bid protection/Renewals

Deal registration/Bid protection/Renewals

Lead generation campaigns

Lead generation campaigns

Dedicated technical/sales resources

Dedicated technical/sales resources


Why you'll love CloudReady too.

Why you’ll love CloudReady too
  1. It’s the perfect companion product to Chrome Education and Chrome Enterprise Management licenses.

  2. It’s a great opener/wedge product.

  3. As a SaaS OS, it’s sticky: There’s a high annual renewal rate with minimal sales effort.

  4. It has high margins.


That's not all. Selling CloudReady is:


The average sales cycle for CloudReady is just 3 weeks.



CloudReady costs less than one-tenth of new hardware.



80% of those that install a free trial purchase CloudReady.



Become a CloudReady partner

Give your customers a solution that's truly differentiated. Learn more about the CloudReady Global Partner Network and how you can start offering CloudReady to your customers.

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