Our Culture

Neverware's culture is offbeat and a bit hard to describe without witnessing it first-hand, but we'll do our best to summarize some key elements here. (And you can always check us out on Glassdoor, Instagram, and on LinkedIn, too.)



Welcome to Neverware. Shoes optional.

Up first: Our office.

Few things summarize Neverware culture as neatly as our physical office space.

Tucked away on a street that straddles Manhattan’s Chelsea, Flatiron, FIT, and Flower District neighborhoods, our office is a mix of glass, exposed brick, rustic wood columns and beams, and homemade art. Computers are everywhere, but so are rubber chickens and bean bags. Shoes are optional.

Fun fact: CloudReady’s development is powered in large part by coffee, Diet Coke, seltzer, beer, and the cheese cubes and hummus that are critical elements of our weekly Fresh Direct order.


That's very Neverware.

Community is important to us: It’s one of our core company values simply because it’s so pervasive. It’s not just going to work happy hours (although we certainly do that too) or laughing together about a GIF someone posted on Slack - it’s hanging out after work to play DotA or watch movies, or making group trips to Fairway or Pret for snacks or lunch.

In fact, a lot of Neverware revolves around food. Sure, every office has a kitchen, but ours is equipped with a deep fryer and a cast iron frying pan. It’s not unusual to see someone dicing onions or peppers as they saute a pasta dish for lunch. Every release of CloudReady is designated with a type of cheese; when we push the release live, we celebrate with release cheese and bread.

And then there’s the ultimate piece of our food-based culture: Our annual Iron Chef competition. Held over the course of a few weeks in December, it’s a battle to the death (well, more like to the food coma) between contestants in two brackets - Apps and Zerts. Those two champions then face off, and the winner walks away with bragging rights for a year as well as their place in history on the Iron Chef trophy.

Iron Chef 2018 was a fierce (and fattening) fight to the very end, but Dave triumphed. Congrats!

Sometimes, the craft we're dedicated to is actually arts & crafts.

A team dedicated to their craft.

Another of our core values is commitment, which shows up in so many ways, large and small, that it’s impossible to list them all here. This is a team of people dedicated to their craft and dedicated to the products that we build as a company, but it’s also a group of people who are committed to—and passionate about—so much more: Music (we actually have an in-house band, Alan Turing & The Tapes). Family and friends. Politics and activism. Travel. Seinfeld. Running. Animals. Coffee & coffee-making equipment. The best (and worst) brands of beer. Good jokes. Bad jokes. So many tangents. Playing DotA. Whether Comic Sans is actually a misunderstood font. And finding the perfect GIF on giphy, no matter how many tries it takes.


Honesty & transparency, always.

Yes, we may have a casual work environment, but we’re professionals, and we’ll treat you like one too. We don’t have set working hours, or a dress code, or set vacation or sick time. Instead, we focus on results. We’ll give you autonomy and room to run, with the caveat that honesty and transparency are baked into our DNA. We meet weekly on Monday mornings for each department to review relevant stats, numbers, and updates. There are daily stand-ups for teams to check in with each other. And each month at our company meeting, we review big picture items, including our sales results and our company finances. 


Full transparency: This has nothing to do with honesty & transparency. Sometimes a rubber chicken is just a rubber chicken. But rest assured, this rubber chicken is held fully accountable for its work product.

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