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Here are the events and conferences around the world where you'll find our team members, as well as our catalog of on-demand webinars to watch and any upcoming live, feature webinars to register to attend.

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Digital Signage Week October 14-18, 2019
New York
Wizkids & Dell at the Royal Danish Embassy October 15, 2019
Learning Technology Roadshow by C-Learning 21 October 2019
Sheffield, UK
Council of the Great City Schools Fall Conference October 23-27, 2019
Louisville, KY
Learning Technology Roadshow by C-Learning 30 October 2019
Peterborough, UK
CETPA 2019 Annual Conference November 12-15, 2019
Anaheim, CA

Feature Webinar for UK Education


In the year and a half since Neverware officially launched CloudReady in the UK, we’ve helped schools convert tens of thousands of older computers into new Chrome devices, allowing schools to free up budget, secure their devices, and make technology a fast and reliable classroom asset again.

During this webinar, Will Smith of Neverware and James Leonard of Google for Education will share new product developments from CloudReady, discuss the critical security risks schools face from the impending Windows 7 End of Life, and talk through how you can get your school’s devices set up with their new CloudReady and Chrome Education Upgrade bundle - available only in the UK at an incredible low price.

Previously costing £29 upfront, the new bundle provides the same Google-managed CloudReady experience for only £15 per device per year.

Click here to watch the webinar:


On-Demand Enterprise Webinar

Making the future seamless:
Your company and VDI, now and next

If you’re using VDI now, chances are it’s because security is paramount at your company.

What’s the best way to ensure security now while also positioning your company for the organization you want to be in the future?



Richard Achée

Damon Duncan

On-Demand Education Webinars

Equity From Soup to Nuts: How Lincoln Public Schools Achieved Digital Inclusion
60 min. On-Demand Session
The State of Texas EdTech featuring TCEA and Barbers Hill ISD
60 min. On-Demand Session
1:1 in 2 Months: Deploying Chromebooks & CloudReady at Henry County
75 min. On-Demand Session
Bridging the EdTech Divide: Going Google at Scale in Florida
60 min. On-Demand Session
Transforming Old Devices into Chrome Devices
30 min. On-Demand Session
G Suite Health Check: Open Your Mouth and Say Google
60 min. On-Demand Session