CloudReady takes the time—and pain—out of administering digital testing.


For most schools and districts, prepping computers for online assessment as part of state achievement testing is a time-consuming task, often involving the majority of the technology staff—sometimes for weeks. 

Except for schools that use Chromebooks, that is.

Those schools benefit from the fast, easy management of the Google Admin console...which means that when digital testing comes around, technology teams can easily disable students' access to the web as well as external storage, screenshots, and printing capabilities.

Because of its architecture, CloudReady is compatible with all US digital testing platforms that support Chrome OS. i-Ready, TestNav, Questar, DRC, and tests based on the AIR Secure Test platform are supported on the latest stable versions of CloudReady.

CloudReady is the fast, easy, cost-effective way to perform digital testing


“When we had PCs in the hands of students, it would take us about 8 weeks to get ready: 8 weeks, all day, all of us. Right now we've got testing going on, and it's just one person for about a half hour each day getting the Chrome devices set up.”


Coronado Unified School District saved $150,000 with CloudReady

Fast Fact:

Coronado saved $180,000 by implementing CloudReady and saw increases in efficiency and productivity, particularly in time spent preparing for student testing.


CloudReady helps you maximize your existing resources

Photo: Jeff Louw, North Warren Regional School District, Blairstown, NJ

Maximize your existing resources with CloudReady

Installing CloudReady on your existing PCs and Macs removes the legacy Windows or Mac operating system, turning those devices into Chrome devices and making them faster, more secure, and more reliable. And because CloudReady shares the same technical architecture as Chromebooks, it's just as secure and easy to use your CloudReady devices for state testing as Chromebooks.

Just like with a Chromebook, administrators can use the Google Admin console to put CloudReady computers into Kiosk mode, or configure Public Session mode, and launch testing sites or apps quickly and simply. 

For schools with obsolete, slow, and unsupported computers that don't support testing, installing CloudReady is the perfect way to continue using those devices for years to come, maximizing your existing investment while actually expanding the number of test-ready computers you have on hand for digital testing.



See for yourself how CloudReady can help your school

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