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Announcing new My Neverware features!


Announcing new My Neverware features!


Hey CloudReady fans,

We have some exciting improvements to our My Neverware customer portal that we're excited to share.

My Neverware Tour

  • We're launching a tour of My Neverware! The goal is to make sure we communicate the benefits of the portal to all users right up front. So give it a spin! Whether you're new to My Neverware or a pro, we think you'll get some value from the tour. And once you're finished, feel free to go to your user profile and select the checkbox to restart it again.


  • We want to provide our customers with a place for news and announcements and communicate relevant changes more effectively. We are starting with a section for Release Announcements but plan on rolling out more content for the section in the future.

New login wallpaper

  • Now, when you go to sign in to My Neverware, you'll be greeted with the same friendly wallpaper offered on CloudReady devices.

Device hardware name

  • We added a column to the Devices list to show the hardware model of the device. Just a heads up, these names are populated by your device's OEM - so we are limited in our ability to change them. We hope this adds a nice piece of identifiable information to your Device list.