Hey CloudReady Fans!

Tonight we’re releasing a patch to v76.4 to all channels and all Editions of CloudReady.

Devices will start receiving over-the-air updates for this release over the next few hours.

Patch Release Notes:

  • Fix for SD card readers not working on some devices: Some Lenovos, Acers, and HPs have issues with reading SD cards in v76.4, which is resolved in this release.

  • Fix for crashing caused by USB audio devices on some Dell Optiplexes: This issue caused repeated crashing and bootlooping for some Dell Optiplex models whenever connected to USB audio devices. The issue should be resolved and, after updating, USB audio devices should return to working reliably on all models.

  • Fix for wifi issues on Fujitsu Lifebook T734 after sleep: The Lifebook T734 required multiple retries to have working wifi on v76.4 after resuming from sleep. This patch resolves that problem as well.

For a review of the rest of CloudReady v76.4, please see the original release notes here.

Especially when it comes to bug-fix releases like this one, we are eager to hear from your organization if you continue to have any issues. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support desk if you have questions or concerns.