Hey CloudReady Fans!

We're excited to release v76.4 to all channels and all Editions of CloudReady today!

Devices will start receiving over-the-air updates for this release over the next few hours.

We shipped a patch-update for v76.4 on September 10th to resolve several new bugs that were discovered. See detailed release notes here.

Release Notes for v76:

  • OS and Browser Upgrade to 76

  • Fix for bug with Media Codecs that causes boot failure: In some rare cases, we’ve seen media codecs install improperly and ultimately cause a device to stop booting. We’ve added a fix to prevent this case.

  • Fix for issues on few USB printers: We found and fixed a bug that was causing a small subset of USB printers to fail to work on CloudReady.

  • MyFiles directory can now hold folders and files: Starting in v76, CloudReady supports the same new Files App behavior as Chrome OS where the MyFiles directory can contain new folder or store files.

  • Default camera app now pre-installed: The default Chrome OS camera app is now included in CloudReady just as on Chrome OS devices. (Note: Android-enabled Chromebooks may include an Android camera app which is different than the Chrome app included on CloudReady). ‘

  • Fix for display settings issues on some external monitors: In the last several releases, we’ve seen some models that, when connected to external monitors, look right but cannot have their settings adjusted and report inaccurate info in their display settings. This should be resolved, at least for an initial group of devices, in v76.3.

  • Support for Gemini Lake video playback: In earlier versions, Intel Gemini Lake devices had some issues playing back videos at medium or high resolutions. That problem is now resolved.

New in v76.4

  • Fix for screen rotation issues in tablet mode: We discovered and fixed an issue with screen rotation not being able to properly trigger once in tablet mode on some convertible CloudReady devices and tablets.

  • Fix for issues with new account creation at sign-in screen: In prior versions of v76, choosing to create a new Google account at the CloudReady sign-in screen would result in UI issues that caused difficulties completing the process. For the majority of devices. See below for a Known issue that persists with low-resolution displays.

New Certified Models in v76

  • AOpen DE3450

  • Apple iMac 12,1

  • Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1

  • HP Elitebook x360 1030 G2

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th Gen

Known Issues

  • Intel G33 chipset displays black wallpaper after logging out: Older Intel desktops with G33 chipsets display wallpapers incorrectly after initial log in and log out takes place. This issue does not impact usability.

  • Issues with new account creation on low resolution screens: Though most devices work fine, CloudReady devices with resolutions below 1024x768 still have difficulties displaying the new account-creation UI at the sign-in screen.

  • Issues with external display on some Nvidia 9400/m GPUs: We’ve seen a number of Macs with Nvidia 9400 or 9400m GPUs that show problematic graphics tearing or even, rarely, crashing, when attached to an external display whose resolution exceeds the Mac’s internal one. Reducing the resolution on external displays can work around this issue while we investigate a fix.