Hey CloudReady Fans!

v76.2 is releasing today to the Dev Channels for Education and Enterprise Edition customers and the Beta Channel for the Home Edition.

Devices on those channels can expect over-the-air updates sometime today.

If you’re interested in previewing this release, subscribe to the Dev or Beta Channel to get an over-the-air update now.

Release Notes for v76:

  • OS Upgrade to 76

  • Fix for bug with Media Codecs that causes boot failure: In some rare cases, we’ve seen media codecs install improperly and ultimately cause a device to stop booting. We’ve added a fix to prevent this case.

  • Fix for issues on few USB printers: We found and fixed a bug that was causing a small subset of USB printers to fail to work on CloudReady.

  • MyFiles directory can now hold folders and files: Starting in v76, CloudReady supports the same new Files App behavior as Chrome OS where the MyFiles directory can contain new folder or store files.

New in v76.2

  • Sleep resume fixes: Some changes and revisions to sleep/resume behavior on a few desktops are included in this release, including the HP Compaq dc5850, Dell Optiplex 360, and Dell Optiplex 960.

  • Default camera app now pre-installed: The default Chrome OS camera app is now included in CloudReady just as on Chrome OS devices. (Note: Android-enabled Chromebooks may include an Android camera app which is different than the Chrome app included on CloudReady).

  • Fix for session-restore issues from 76.1: An issue in v76.1 that caused sessions to not restore properly has been resolved.

New in July 26th Patch

We’ve shipped an update to 76.2 as of July 26th with the following improvements and changes

  • HDMI audio fixes: Some devices were failing, partially or wholly, to send audio over HDMI in earlier versions, but this has been corrected.

  • Fix for crashing when sending install logs: We’ve fixed an issue where Enterprise and Education devices were exhibiting crashes when sending install logs.

  • Fix for video decoding issues on Coffee and Kaby Lake intel devices

  • Fix for several Nvidia issues introduced in v76.1

  • Fix for issues waking Dell desktops from sleep via mouse or keyboard

  • Fix for VPNs that were not working on some devices in v76

  • Fix for Bluetooth failures on older devices introduced in v75.1

Known Issues

  • DisplayLink 2.0 devices sometimes crash when attaching: Though not every time, docks and peripherals that output video over USB 3 via the DisplayLink protocol are crashing when attached. We are investigating this issue.

  • Enabling Optimus or AMD Switchable graphics causes crashing: A previously fixed issue has re-emerged where devices set to dynamically switch between integrated Intel graphics and discrete GPUs will crash. To avoid this issue, disable “Optimus” or “Switchable” graphics in your BIOS, or explicitly set your graphics to use Intel GPU.

  • Some older Intel machines show a green screen when trying to Chromecast: A number of older Intel chipsets are failing to display when casting - we’re working on a fix for this in v76.3.

  • Sound output fails after resuming from sleep: For a variety of different models, we’ve found sound output stops working after a sleep/resume cycle. Rebooting fixes the issue and can be used as a temporary workaround.

Unstable releases often have unforeseen bugs. We rely upon Dev Channel users to report those to us in our forums. If you're ok with a little instability, please jump to this new release and let us know what you think and report any issues using the links below.