Hey CloudReady Fans!


Neverware adds new network services in some updates, and does not employ static IPs for our service URLs. Therefore, we always recommend whitelisting all traffic to the neverware.com domain whenever possible.

Update URL Changes

For those customers who restrict network access, please make sure to note the following new update URLs in CloudReady version 73.1 and up, and add to your whitelists (if you are not already whitelisting all traffic to neverware.com):

  • (Enterprise and Education Editions) https://cloudready-paid-update-server-2.neverware.com

  • (Home Edition) https://cloudready-free-update-server-2.neverware.com

CloudReady devices on v73 and higher will use these URLs for all update information going forward.

Update payloads will continue to be downloaded from the same URLs as before, however for v73.1 and higher, the download protocol will be HTTP. Customers should be aware of this change in case they're blocking HTTP traffic. Google already delivers securely signed update payloads via HTTP, and we’re excited to start following this model to close one of the few remaining gaps between CloudReady and Chrome OS.

The old update URLs below still apply to previous versions of CloudReady and should also remain whitelisted until all devices are on 73.1 or later:

  • (Enterprise and Education Editions) https://cloudready-update-server-2015-03-12.neverware.com

  • (Home Edition) https://cloudready-free-update-server.neverware.com

Devices hitting the older URLs (i.e., those on CloudReady 72.4 or earlier) will continue to receive update payloads over HTTPS.

Why this change?

With v73.1 of CloudReady, Neverware is introducing peer-to-peer OS updates. The changes above are in service of this new feature, and are expected to bring bandwidth and speed benefits, especially to customers with large fleets.

Most devices, being on the Stable channel, will not be affected until v76.4. As long as they are on 72.4, their machines will continue using the old URLs. Once they update to 74.4, those machines will attempt updates with the new URL, which will happen when 76.4 goes out, as long as they remain on the Stable channel.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns using the links below.