Hey CloudReady Fans!

We're excited to release v74.2 today to the Dev Channels for Education and Enterprise Edition customers and the Beta Channel for the Home Edition.

Devices on those channels can expect over-the-air updates for this release over the next few hours, if they haven’t received them already.

If you’re interested in previewing this release, subscribe to the Dev or Beta Channel to get an over-the-air update now.

Release Notes for v74

  • OS Upgrade to 74

  • Fix: Some devices were reporting randomly generated mac addresses. This fix should cover all such cases.

  • Fix for task bar buttons that were unresponsive in v73.1 on the new user login screen.

  • P2P updates: In v73.1 we released initial support for P2P updates. With v74.1 comes the first opportunity for CloudReady devices to receive updates from another device in the local network already running CloudReady.

    • NOTE: As part of adding P2P updates, we have switched to a new update server for all CloudReady clients on v73.1 or later. That URL will now be https://cloudready-paid-update-server-2.neverware.com

  • UMA Metrics: We are now utilizing Chrome’s User Metrics Analysis to help us identify possible issues and improve CloudReady. Neverware only collects data in order to improve the customer experience for Neverware’s products and services. We will never sell any of your personal data. For more info regarding our privacy policy, click here.

New in v74.2

  • Fix for TPM-enabled devices that had cryptographic issues in v74.1. This is fixed for v74.2.

  • Files App doesn't show the Downloads folder on pre-existing accounts after updating to v74.1 via UEFI. In v74.1 we’ve rolled back this change, which should preserve the Downloads folder. Note that the new “My Files” directory won’t be editable by users in v74.2 as a result of this fix.

Known Issues

  • Send Feedback window (“Tell us what’s happening”) may require scrolling to view the Send button in v74.

  • Braswell (and potentially other) GPUs show issues that are most severe when accessing Google Sheets. The problem may manifest any various modern Intel hardware with low-powered chipsets, and may cause crashing.

  • Powerwash buttons are falsely-active but still do not function. The powerwash buttons should be disabled, but currently attempts to trigger a powerwash will reboot or freeze devices.

Unstable releases often have unforeseen bugs. We rely upon Dev Channel users to report those to us in our forums. If you're ok with a little instability, please jump to this new release and let us know what you think and report any issues using the links below.