Hey CloudReady Fans!

Late last night, we released a preview version of v72.4 to all channels of the Home Edition! In a temporary break from our usual release patterns, we will not be releasing this preview to any channels of the Education and Enterprise editions.

All Home Edition users can expect over-the-air updates and downloadable images for this release over the next few hours, if not already.

Release Notes for v72:

  • OS Upgrade to 72

  • More improvements for install UI flow: We’ve continued to improve our installer UI flow, including adding a mechanism to send logs to Neverware from inside the install window if an install fails.

  • Fix for large zip files: This fixes a bug present since v66 where large zipped files that are unpacked using the CloudReady Files App would be the wrong size.

  • Improvements to 32bit GPU Issues: 32-bit images continue to only be supported on devices marked with a red “32-bit only” flag on our certified list. However, some issues with Intel graphics from v70 32-bit are less severe or fixed in v71 and v72. We continue to strongly recommend installing, or reinstalling, 64-bit CloudReady whenever possible and immediately.

  • Files App “Share with others” now works: In the Google Drive section of the Files App, the right click menu for a file shows a “Share with others” option. That option has historically caused an error, but now works in v72.1+.

  • Cartoon Network and HBO streaming now work: In previous versions, some streaming providers, including HBO and Cartoon Network, did not work on CloudReady despite support for others like Netflix. Those providers are working as of v72.1.

  • Fix for a broken link in our plug-ins text in settings which wasn’t working and caused a UI restart. v72.2 no longer has this issue.

  • Install failures will now send us logs after users connect to the internet.

  • New notices upon login to 64-bit capable devices running 32-bit CloudReady to encourage reinstallation with 64-bit CloudReady. We continue to strongly recommend installing, or reinstalling, 64-bit CloudReady whenever possible and immediately.

For Home Edition only

  • Improved messaging on sending logs and wifi/ethernet connection upon install error.

  • Home Edition only fix for the missing toggle for “Send hardware info and usage frequency data to Neverware” in settings in v72.1.

New in this preview of v72.4:

  • Fix for blacked out video playback and Chromecast issues on devices that have Intel GPUs using the i915 driver. Machines we’ve tested with this issue include: Dell Optiplex 330, 360, GX620, Acer Veriton M460, L460, HP Compaq dc5800, dc7800.

  • Fix for iMac 12,1 displaying color corruption after resuming from sleep

  • Fix for "Retry Sending Logs" button not working on install logs screen

  • Fix for Z83-V not able to play video.

Note: We’ve disabled comments on these release-notes blog posts. It is much easier for our team to assist users and customers when feedback is routed through the links below. If you want to provide feedback on a release, we appreciate you taking the time to contact our Support team (for Education & Enterprise Editions) or to post in our user forums.