UPDATE: On January 17, we released a patch for v72.2 to the appropriate channels (Dev on all editions and Beta on the Home Edition) with fixes for the 2 known issues listed below.

Hey CloudReady Fans!

We’ve released our v72.2 to the Dev channel of the Home, Education, and Enterprise Editions, as well as the Beta channel of the Home Edition, late last night.

If you're interested, subscribe to the Dev or Beta channels to get an over-the-air update now.

Release Notes for v72:

  • OS Upgrade to 72

  • More improvements for install UI flow: We’ve continued to improve our installer UI flow, including adding a mechanism to send logs to Neverware from inside the install window if an install fails.

  • Fix for large zip files: This fixes a bug present since v66 where large zipped files that are unpacked using the CloudReady Files App would be the wrong size.

  • Improvements to 32bit GPU Issues: 32-bit images continue to only be supported on devices marked with a red “32-bit only” flag on our certified list. However, some issues with Intel graphics from v70 32-bit are less severe or fixed in v71 and v72. We continue to strongly recommend installing, or reinstalling, 64-bit CloudReady whenever possible and immediately.

  • Files App “Share with others” now works: In the Google Drive section of the Files App, the right click menu for a file shows a “Share with others” option. That option has historically caused an error, but now works in v72.1+.

  • Cartoon Network and HBO streaming now work: In previous versions, some streaming providers, including HBO and Cartoon Network, did not work on CloudReady despite support for others like Netflix. Those providers are working as of v72.1.

New in v72.2:

  • Fix for video, sound on 32-bit builds: There was an issue with 32-bit images that caused 2D video playback, audio, and potentially more to be non-functional in v72.1. This issue is fixed in v72.2. Note: We continue to strongly suggest reinstalling with 64-bit CloudReady on devices that are capable.

  • Fix for sending feedback to Neverware which did not work in v72.1. This now works in v72.2

  • Fix for a broken link in our plug-ins text in settings which wasn’t working and caused a UI restart. v72.2 no longer has this issue.

New in v72.2 Home Edition only

  • Fix for the missing toggle for “Send hardware info and usage frequency data to Neverware” in settings in v72.1.

  • Fix for VirtualBox which did not launch in v72.1. VirtualBox runs as expected in v72.2.

  • Fix for Flatpaks: We found Flatpaks were not opening in v72.1. They now work again in v72.2.

Known Issues

  1. Update: On January 17, we released a patch that fixed these 2 known issues.

  • Devices with the Broadcom Limited BCM4312 wireless chipset frequency cannot connect to hidden networks in v72.1, 72.2. Depending on the model, it appears a connection can eventually be made, albeit after multiple attempts. We are working on a fix to be released soon.

  • Chromecast failures on specific hardware: We’ve seen an issue with Chromecast not working properly on a few models, including HP Probook 4530s, Dell Vostro 3300, Dell Vostro 1440, Lenovo ThinkPad x230, and HP Compaq dc7900s devices.

Note: We’ve disabled comments on these release-notes blog posts. It is much easier for our team to assist users and customers when feedback is routed through the links below. If you want to provide feedback on a release, we appreciate you taking the time to contact our Support team (for Education & Enterprise Editions) or to post in our user forums.

Unstable releases often have unforeseen bugs. We rely upon Dev & Beta Channel users to report those to us so we can stabilize builds more quickly. If you decide to try this release, please let us know what you think and report any issues using the links below:


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