Hey CloudReady Fans!

Thanks to feedback from our users, we learned about a couple issues in v76.3. Though the issues were not on certified devices, we wanted to resolve the issue to avoid any loss of compatibility, so today we’re bringing that fix to all release channels for the 64bit version of CloudReady Home Edition in an early release of 76.4!

Along with the fix for 32bit EFI bootloaders which we wanted to fix, there are a few new changes compared to 76.3 that are noted below. We expect to bring a couple additional change in an wider release of 76.4 to all Editions and channels in the coming days.

This release is available as an OtA update starting now, as well as for fresh USB installs.

Release Notes for v76:

  • OS and Browser Upgrade to 76

  • Fix for bug with Media Codecs that causes boot failure: In some rare cases, we’ve seen media codecs install improperly and ultimately cause a device to stop booting. We’ve added a fix to prevent this case.

  • Fix for issues on few USB printers: We found and fixed a bug that was causing a small subset of USB printers to fail to work on CloudReady.

  • MyFiles directory can now hold folders and files: Starting in v76, CloudReady supports the same new Files App behavior as Chrome OS where the MyFiles directory can contain new folder or store files.

  • Default camera app now pre-installed: The default Chrome OS camera app is now included in CloudReady just as on Chrome OS devices. (Note: Android-enabled Chromebooks may include an Android camera app which is different than the Chrome app included on CloudReady). ‘

  • Fix for display settings issues on some external monitors: In the last several releases, we’ve seen some models that, when connected to external monitors, look right but cannot have their settings adjusted and report inaccurate info in their display settings. This should be resolved, at least for an initial group of devices, in v76.3.

New in v76.4

  • Fix for boot issues on some Intel Bay/Cherry Trail devices - Devices with these generations of hardware were sometimes built with 32bit EFI bootloaders. Those had a bug which stopped them from booting v76, but we’ve now resolved that.

  • Fix for Intel Gemini Lake video playback issues in v76.3

Known Issues

  • Intel G33 chipset displays black wallpaper after logging out - Older Intel desktops with G33 chipsets display wallpapers incorrectly after initial log in and log out takes place. This issue does not impact usability.

  • Issues confirming new user creation at sign-in screen - On v76, CloudReady may have display issues that make it difficult to create a new “@gmail.com” user from the sign-in screen. Existing Gmail or GSuite accounts should have no issues. For a workaround to this issue, see this Community post.