Hey CloudReady Fans!

We're releasing our v70.2 to the Dev channel of the Home, Education, and Enterprise Editions, as well as the Beta channel of the Home Edition, today.

If you're interested, subscribe to the Dev or Beta channels to get an over-the-air update now.

We're bringing v70 to unstable release channels without having done any stable releases of v69. Over the next few months you'll hear more from us about our evolving release process and how we're adjusting CloudReady's release timing compared to Chrome OS.

Release Notes for v70:

  • OS Upgrade to 70

  • Fix for graphic issues at login with AMD graphics: Devices with AMD GPUs had some graphic issues on the login page.

  • Fix for 1/8” audio jack on iMac 12,1: The device was showing headphones as connected but did not actually output sound.

  • Fix for trackpad on Macbook Pro 9,2: Some MBP 9,2 trackpad ceased to work after a few reboots post install.

New in v70.2

  • Fix for Flash issue: In v69.1 and 70.1, Adobe Flash was not working. This is fixed for 64-bit CloudReady v70.2. We are still looking into resolving the same issue for 32-bit.

  • Fix for Dell Optiplex GX520 and GX620 audio output: The volume control for the front 1/8” audio output now works and is no longer too loud.

  • Fix for audio over HDMI: Audio over HDMI is working again on 64-bit images on Inspiron 15 (3531), Thinkpad SL510, Lenovo B590 & some uncertified models.

New in v70.2 Education and Enterprise Editions only

  • USB installers now start with the install UI, instead of Wi-Fi login credentials and keyboard/language selection.

Known Issues

  • Dell Optiplex 5060 front combo port does not work: When you plug in headphones it detects they are there, but no sound comes through.The device does have a rear audio port that works. However, when plugged in the back it is not seen as headphones plugged in but it does work.

  • Dell Optiplex GX520 and GX620: unmute might not work.

  • Adobe Flash on 32-bit CloudReady cannot be enabled even when installed.

Unstable releases often have unforeseen bugs. We rely upon Dev & Beta Channel users to report those to us so we can stabilize builds more quickly. If you device to try this release, please let us know what you think and report any issues using the links below.


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