Hey CloudReady Fans!

We're releasing v69.1 to the Dev Channels of the Home, Education, and Enterprise Editions today.

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Release Notes for v69.1:

  • OS Upgrade to 69

  • Fix for the “No Bootable Device” issue: A handful of Dell models had boot issues after updating. We’ve fixed this issue in 69.1.

  • Secure boot no longer needs to be disabled for new installs.

  • Fix for Adobe Flash updates: After Flash updated and before a restart, the browser became unresponsive. This is fixed.

  • Fix for some devices with AMD graphics: The discoloration issue on some devices with AMD GPUs, such as HP’s Elitebook 8460p, have been fixed.

  • Syslinux message on boot no longer appears: The message had no impact on usability, however it was understandably causing confusion. We’ve removed the message so it no longer displays.

  • Fix for Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Client: This VPN client now works in CloudReady.

  • Fix for Dell Vostro unmute issue: Once muted, un-muting had no effect. This issue is fixed.

  • Fix for ELO VuPoint 15MX’s audio ports: Both audio ports on this device recognize that headphones are plugged in, but neither actually output any audio. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed screen auto-rotation on HP Spectres: Auto-rotate sometimes did not work on Spectres. This has been fixed.

  • Fix for HP Compaq 6000 Pro AiO distorted screen when resumed from sleep.

Education & Enterprise Edition-only changes:

  • LAN IP address field in Google admin device management: This field is now populated for managed devices.

  • Fix for the bandwidth throttling Admin Console Policy for download speeds: The policy was previously not being applied to clients. This is now fixed.

  • Fix for client ID being defined by a USB ethernet adapter: In some edge cases, the USB adapter’s mac address was being used as the clients ID. We’ve fixed this so that USB adapters are properly ignored, thus avoiding duped IDs.

Known Issues

  • Dell Optiplex GX520: volume control for the front 1/8” audio output is non-functional, and output is very loud. While we work on a fix, please use the rear audio output which functions as expected.

Unstable releases often have unforeseen bugs. We rely upon Dev Channel users to report those to us in our forums. If you're ok with a little instability, please jump to this new release and let us know what you think!


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