Hey CloudReady Fans!

Following a week long pause to investigate a bug, we are resuming the release of v68.4 to all Channels and all Editions of CloudReady. Education and Enterprise Edition customers should see updates resuming now, and Home Edition updates will follow tomorrow morning.

This re-release will automatically skip devices affected by the bug reported last week.

You can read more about the details of the issue we found in our blog post about it, but in order to avoid any further delay to our release of 68.4 updates, this re-release will skip affected devices (Dell Latitudes that end with “20” or “30” and Dell Optiplexes that end with “90”) and leave them on their current version.

We continue to work on a fix for those affected devices and will release a patch to update those as soon as possible. You can also safely reinstall affected machines with a v68.4 USB installer in the mean time.

Most devices remain unaffected and will be updated to v68.4, if they haven’t been already.

As always, please contact us with questions or concerns.

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