Hey CloudReady Fans!

We're releasing our v68.1 to the Dev Channels of the Home, Education, and Enterprise Editions today.

If you're interested, subscribe to the Dev channel to get an over-the-air update now.

We're bringing v68.1 to Dev release channels without any stable releases of v67. Over the next few months you'll hear more from us about our evolving release process and how we're adjusting CloudReady's release timing compared to Chrome OS.

Release Notes for v68.1:

  • OS Upgrade to 68
  • Initial support for automatic screen-rotation on some convertible laptops: We're introducing support for automatic screen rotation based on physical device rotation. This complements our new support for Chromium's tablet-mode UI functionality in v67. Both features work on recent HP Spectre 13 devices, and may also work on a variety of other machines like Dell XPS 13 or Lenovo Yoga 2-in-1s.
  • Fix for switchable ("Optimus") GPUs: Through 2018 we've had issues requiring users to disable dual-GPUs in their BIOS. Starting in v68, customers should be able to leave those graphics as-is without issue.
  • Fix for sleep/resume on Lenovo ThinkPad E440
  • Fix for microphone issues on Dell Latitude 3480, 3490: These devices were crashing when microphones were accessed in v67 and below - they should work with audio input now.
  • Support for UEFI boot mode on Lenovo ThinkPad T430: T430 models have been required to use Legacy boot mode until now, but v68 will support the newer UEFI option when installing and booting.
  • Better support for Plugins across updates: Plugins currently need to be re-installed after a major update in many cases. After v68, you should see devices carry forward their plugin install state, and handle an update to a newer plugin version during the install if necessary.


Known Issues

  • Widevine issues prevent use of streaming services: Currently, v68 won't allow users to access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services that require the Widevine DRM module. We expect to correct this in short order, but during this initial v68.1 release it will not work.
  • Issues with NVIDIA NVC0-family graphics - We've seen issues booting for machines with NVIDIA graphics in a specific family. We expect any of the following GPUs may be affected: GeForce-series 610M, 710M, 810M, 820M, GT-series 620M, 625M, 630M, 720M. These should be working again in v68.2.

Unstable releases often have unforeseen bugs. We rely upon Dev Channel users to report those to us in our forums, so if you're ok with a little instability, please jump to this new release and let us know what you think!


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