Hi CloudReady customers!

All of us here on the Neverware team are really excited to promote our latest release, v59.3, on the Stable channel. 

As always, your machines will update automatically if you leave them powered on and connected to the network.

If you are using the Education or Enterprise Editions and need an image of this update for new installs or reinstalls, reach out to Support

Remember that if your devices are not updating, and/or are stuck on v46, you may need re-visit these steps we posted last year to ensure your fleet is up to date. We very much encourage our customers to always be on the latest version of the software.

Release Notes for v59.3:

  • OS Upgrade to 59
  • Kernel upgrade to 4.4.83
  • Touchscreen functionality: This release restores touchscreen functionality to devices on which touchscreens failed in v57. Note that not all touchscreens will work, and in particular this fix is not expected to apply to USB-connected touchscreens.
  • New Certified Model: Fujitsu Lifebook T734


[UPDATE - 10/5/17]:

We're re-releasing v59.3 with some additional fixes today!

  • Fix for AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics - For some models with this GPU, CloudReady failed to boot on v57 and higher. This fix addresses that issue.

  • Fix for H.264 playback on Intel Ironlake and Sandybridge desktops - This is an extension of a fix from earlier versions of CloudReady that applied to laptops. H.264 playback should work on all devices now.
  • Prevent unwanted loss of enrollment - A bug with Chrome OS caused some Chromebooks running v59 and v60 to lose their enrollment status without warning. We're including Google's fix for this issue in our re-release of v59.


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