CloudReady Customer Spotlight:

City of Westerville, OH


Welcome to our new Neverware blog series, where we'll spotlight customers who are using CloudReady in new or unusual ways.


First up is the City of Westerville, Ohio, where our contact Matt Green was kind enough to answer some of our questions about how some members of their police force use CloudReady in their cruisers to update logs in real-time:


What was your primary reason for purchasing CloudReady?

Field Training Officers (FTO) needed to be able to fill out paperwork while training newly hired police officers in the field instead of spending time back at the station filling out paperwork.


How did you first hear about Neverware/CloudReady?

We were researching putting Chromium on some computers. While researching, we posted to a forum where CloudReady was suggested.


What computer models do you have CloudReady installed on?

Dell 6430u


How did you install CloudReady on your devices?



Where are you using CloudReady?

In patrol vehicles


Which apps do your users use most commonly with CloudReady?

Google Drive


Who’s your typical CloudReady user?

Patrol Officers


What’s the general reaction been to using CloudReady?

It has been a positive reaction as FTO are able to fill out paperwork in real time instead of waiting until they come back to the station.

For my organization, the most valuable benefit from using CloudReady has been:

  • Saving money by not purchasing new computers

  • Being able to manage all devices via the Google Admin console

  • Other: Saving the amount of time FTO are spending filling out paperwork while training newly hired officers.


Thanks to Matt for taking the time to provide some insight into one of the many ways that our customers use CloudReady!