Hey CloudReady Fans!

The Neverware team is very excited to promote our latest release v57.1 on the Beta & Dev channels. If you're interested, subscribe to the Beta or Dev channel for your OtA update.

Release Notes for v57.1:

  • OS Upgrade to 57
  • Transition from X11 to Freon graphics stack - we have tested this extensively and while we have seen minimal graphics issues, we have seen some issues with touchpads. Please let us know if you experience issues with your touchpad in the upgrade.
  • CloudReady Logs - to better troubleshoot machine-specific problems, we are launching a new tool to gather logs from our users. Check out chrome://cloudready-logs/ - we're offering the chance for users to 1) describe their problem to us and 2) send us the logs or download them yourself. The goal behind this feature is to tighten the feedback loop between us and customers experiencing issues. If we can better understand your problem and your hardware setup, we can better reproduce and more quickly resolve any graphics, wifi or other high priority problems.