If asked to designate someone as the backbone of Neverware, the likelihood is that most team members would say that person is Jesse Pierce.
Jesse is the Senior Project Manager here at Neverware, which means that she’s responsible for working with Forrest, our Director of Product, and Dave, our Director of Software, to establish the CloudReady roadmap - looking at bigger picture releases over the course of 3-6 months to decide on high level features and timeline. That in turn leads to highly specific items, like determining individual development work and who that work goes to. Jesse also works closely with our QA team to prioritize certification of new models, outline the testing that needs to happen for the releases we’re planning, and prioritize bugs into release blockers and lower priority classifications.
“My first job after college was at Accenture,” Jesse explained. “They like to hire people with logical degrees (I was finance), and my first project was a system implementation - an accounting system for the US Army. That’s where I learned how to be a functional consultant. I don’t have an engineering background or write code, but I can write logical statements and understand how you use software for business processes and how it helps people in their daily lives at their jobs.”
Six years at Accenture in North Carolina (Jesse’s a native of Cary, NC, and graduated from Appalachian State University) led her to New York City.
“I was working at Accenture and I wanted to work on newer products and technology,” Jesse said. “My sister was living here already, and when I looked at jobs in DC there were about 15, versus New York, where there were like 75.” 
Jesse landed at MakerBot, first as a software project management and eventually becoming a product manager, where she took the methodology she learned at Accenture and applied it to the software project aspect of building a 3D printer. That, in turn, led her to Neverware.
“I came to a Neverware monthly meeting before I officially started, and the openness and transparency of the company and the group really struck me,” Jesse said. “Everyone seemed very comfortable, but genuinely very interested in the company and the other groups and very invested in making a good product.”
She continued, “I love the product and I love how much people love the product. We hear all the time about how it saved an old piece of hardware. And I really like working with this engineering team. Everyone is really talented and interested in doing good work. We’ve really jelled over the last six months. We’re delivering a more quality product than before, and more frequently.”
Jesse’s been in New York for five years now. Fun fact: “I’m the oldest of 4 and my sister and brother also live in NY,” she said. “And both my parents have visited the office!”
Living in Brooklyn means Jesse gets to commute to work every day by bike. “I bike over the Manhattan bridge. My dad wants me to wear a GoPro so he can watch my commute, but I’m not doing that. No way. That’s a particular look I don’t think I can pull off,” she laughed.
We beg to differ - if anyone can pull it off, it’s going to be Jesse.