Hey CloudReady Fans!

The Neverware team is very excited to promote our latest release v55.2 on Stable & Beta channels. 

Your machines will update automatically if you leave them powered on and connected to the network. If you need an image of this update for new installs, reinstalls, or your devices aren't updating - you can reach out to support

If your devices aren't updating from v46, you will need to re-visit these steps we posted last year in order to make sure your fleet is up to date. 

Release Notes for v55.2:

  • OS Upgrade to v55
  • Media plugin updates and fixes
    • Fix for Widevine plugin media in paid product version
    • New disable option for installed media plugins
  • New Model Certification
    • Intel NUC D34010WYK
  • Include new Default Wallpaper (replacing gray background) on fresh installs of CloudReady
  • Added sis190 ethernet drivers in kernel [CFV-44]

Flash FYI

As announced in this blog post, Google is beginning the process of making HTML5 the default browser experience over Flash. CloudReady v55.2 includes those changes, so be aware in case you observe some unexpected behavior on sites that depend on Flash. The default setting for some sites is to 'Ask' whether to enable Flash or not, this functionality should work as expected and intended.  However, in the event you are not seeing Flash work as you think it should, here are some steps you can take:

1) Check my.neverware.com and verify Plugins are enabled for your site

2) Check your machine's Settings panel and verify Flash is installed under 'Media Plugins' section. 

3) If you verified Flash is installed, check your machine's privacy content settings and try setting Flash radio button to 'Allow sites to run Flash'.

4) Optional: Update Google Management settings to 'Allow sites to run Flash' for all of your managed devices


School & Work Users - Need help? Contact support!

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