Introducing the Dev Channel

Neverware is excited to announce the creation of a third channel for our Home edition users - the Dev channel. CloudReady now offers the option to subscribe to the Dev, Beta or Stable channels. This follows Chrome OS model, but we do have slightly different definitions. Details below:

  • Dev Channel - OS Upgrade + minimal/potentially incomplete change set from previous version. This is the least stable channel and encouraged for those who have a strong interest in getting updates fast with some but loose QA.
  • Beta Channel - OS Upgrade + any & all CloudReady additional development (machine fixes, bug fixes, etc). This channel will go through some QA, but not through our full gauntlet of testing.
  • Stable Channel - Final version release. This channel will only receive fully QA'ed builds.

If you're eager to receive earlier updates of more bleeding edge software - then update to the Dev Channel now! v55 is live on the channel now - and don't forget to let us know what you think!


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