Hey CloudReady Fans!

Today's the day that CloudReady v60.3 goes fully stable for all channels and users. No matter your version of CloudReady, you should see this update coming.

As usual, you can download this new version for a fresh installation right now, and devices that are already installed will start to automatically update soon.

Release Notes for v60.3:

  • OS Upgrade to 60
  • Kernel upgrade: We did a minor, stability update to the kernel from 4.4.83 to 4.4.88.
  • Touchpad fix:  In v59, the "swap primary mouse button" setting will reverse not only the left and right mouse buttons, but also the touchpad's buttons and 1- and 2-finger taps. In v60, only mouse buttons should be impacted by this setting.
  • Fix for quad-core Intel Bay Trail processors: We've added a fix that is aimed at all quad-core Intel Bay Trail processors to prevent freezing and other performance issues. If you're using a model that this applies to, we'd love your feedback! 
  • Fix for more touchscreen/convertible laptops: We saw a number of tablet-style laptops that failed to boot in v59.3. We've included a fix that we think will help another large group of machines keep their touchscreens functional.
  • Update for Realtek WiFi drivers: We've improved driver support and performance for Realtek WiFi hardware. Let us know if you see a difference!
  • Fix for profile switching when printing: An upstream issue caused problems for users signed in as multiple users if they wanted to switch profiles when printing. We've picked up Google's fix for that so that CloudReady v60 won't show that bug. 
  • [New in 60.3] Patch for KRACK vulnerability: In Chrome OS v62, Google shipped a fix for a wireless-related security vulnerability known as "KRACK". We're bringing that same fix to CloudReady v60.3.

If you're using CloudReady at school or work, there's some additional changes: 

  • Improved experience for licensing errors: If your CloudReady machine runs into an error that is unexpected or it doesn't understand, it will now offer you the chance to send us logs about the issue and then let you proceed to use the device. This lets us fix issues and contact technical administrators in the background without interrupting students and teachers who rely on CloudReady.
  • New TPM info and warning screen: CloudReady supports many common TPM chips, but sometimes they need to be configured prior to use with CloudReady. In v60, we'll proactively warn you if your TPM chip needs some TLC prior to use, and help guide you through how to proceed. Read more about TPM in CloudReady.
  • Coming soon - new certified models for v60.3: Over the next few days we'll be certifying new models that benefit from the above listed fixes, including a number of Baytrail machines.

Your feedback is welcome, as always, so reach out to us if you have any!


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