Hey CloudReady Fans!

If you've been concerned that 2018 might not live up to the hype, you can stop worrying. We're ringing in the new year with a release of v61.2 of CloudReady: Home Edition on our Dev Channel, and this release includes a long awaited, and hotly anticipated, kernel upgrade from v4.4 to v4.14!

Update 1/5/18 - 
We've pushed the same 61.2 update to our Beta Channel! 

If you're interested, subscribe to the Dev or Beta channels for your over-the-air update which should be live right now!

Release Notes for v61.2:

  • OS Upgrade to 61 - Notable highlights include a UI changes to the sign in screen, lock screen, and app launcher.
  • Kernel upgrade: We've moved from a Linux kernel based on version 4.4 to one based on v4.14, bringing a huge swathe of new compatibility and driver support. The biggest change is the addition of support for 7th gen ("Kaby Lake") Intel processors and graphics.   
  • Enable Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e G3 Touchscreen
  • Fix 1/8th inch audio ouput on Fujitsu Lifeboot T732
  • Switch to Chromium's built-in feedback screen - We've deprecated the chrome://cloudready-logs screen from recent versions in favor of the browser's built-in feedback screen. You can call this screen using alt+shift+i or find it under Help > Report an Issue. This will send similar logs to Neverware, as before.
  • Initial changes for sunsetting dualboot - The install UI will now de-emphasize the option to install CloudReady in dualboot mode, and give a notice about the timeline for dualboot being fully retired as a feature. Read more about this here.

Known Issues

  • Media playback can result in freezing : We've seen, across a wide variety of hardware, that audio/video playback can cause the Chromium OS Audio Server (cras) to lock, freeze, or hang in a way that prevents further playback.
    This seems to happen less often if you can avoid loading multiple media sources simultaneously or in quick succession, but it sometimes occurs regardless. A reboot will resolve this issue (at least temporarily). We continue to work on this issue internally and appreciate any feedback you can provide on it.

Unstable releases often have unforeseen bugs, and a kernel upgrade can bring a lot of change that could be problematic. We rely upon Dev & Beta Channel users to report those to us in our forums, so if you're ok with a little instability, please jump to this new release and let us know what you think!


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