Hi CloudReady fans,

Well over three years ago, when we first developed the idea for CloudReady and began work on it, we didn’t know what the future would bring. Like many ideas, it seemed at the time like a very good one—there was a definite market need, but we were uncertain whether people and organizations would embrace the idea of a new operating system to the point where it could become viable for the company.

Back then, we could only hope and dream that CloudReady would be successful. But it was; post launch, we saw widespread adoption and growth, and over the past few years it’s been incredibly exciting and fulfilling to witness the passion of our Home users and the validation from our Education users, who regularly tell us how CloudReady has enabled their schools to increase technology access for students while providing the secure, fast, easy environment they need to learn.

So while it may have felt daring to imagine CloudReady’s success back then, we really couldn’t have conceived of this: the announcement that Google will be leading our Series B investment round as our newest investor.

Google’s validation of us and of CloudReady is gratifying, but it’s also indicative of the market shift we’ve seen over the last few years. As organizations increasingly move to the cloud, the need for a new computing environment—one designed for the cloud, with security, manageability, and ease of use baked in rather than added after the fact—has only grown more obvious and more urgent.

With its Chrome Enterprise offering, Google has already turned its considerable focus in this direction. And now, of course, we’re pleased to join them. Their investment in us allows us to grow and scale to meet that enterprise market need while also continuing to nurture and expand our strong foothold in the education market. (I could not be more proud of the fact that CloudReady is now used by school districts spanning all 50 US states.)

It’s a very exciting time for Neverware and for this team of talented, dedicated professionals that I get the pleasure of working with every single day.

We’ll keep you updated on any additional news, but in the meantime, thank you as always for supporting us.