Hey CloudReady Fans!

The Neverware team is excited to be rolling out v51.1 of CloudReady for our School and Work Editions today! This is a major release with significant changes - you can read the highlights below.

As always, your machines will update automatically if you leave them powered on and connected to the network. If you need an image of this update for new installs or reinstalls, you can reach out to support.

Keep in mind that, if your devices are not updating, and/or are stuck on v46, you may need re-visit these steps that we posted about earlier in the year in order to make sure your fleet is up to date.


The highlights of this release:

  • Increased device support - upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.4 (here’s an article describing the changes) - some notable callouts our users might be interested in are
    • Improvements for Intel Skylake & Braswell graphics hardware
    • New rtl8xxxu driver - alternate driver for Realtek WiFi USB Devices like RTL8723AU, RTL8188CU, RTL8188RU, RTL8191CU, and RTL8192CU
    • Numerous AMD GPU updates
    • Upgrade of various firmware: NVIDIA, Broadcom, Radeon and others
  • New supported model - HP Stream 11 Pro joins the ranks of CloudReady certified hardware! - Along with this particular device, many other HP Streams should be functional now, so reach out to us if you have a group of different HP Streams you'd like to see certified!
  • OS Upgrade to v51


Need help? Contact support!

Thanks for using CloudReady!