Hey CloudReady fans!

I’m excited to announce the beginning of Early Access CloudReady alongside our rollout of a Public Bug Tracker !


There have been quite a few requests from the community for earlier distributions of builds. This is particularly targeted for those users who are eager to test out the new features we are promising, but are comfortable with the risks of trying out a bleeding-edge version of software.


What does Early Access mean?

  • Our QA team blessed the build as stable, but we are still working some kinks out
  • Possibly contains an experimental feature we’d like some feedback on


Will Early Access CloudReady upgrade?

  • No, all Early Access versions will be available via direct install only. Once we release the CloudReady Free Offering version, you will need to create a direct install of the official release in order to get back on a regular upgrade channel.


What can I expect from Early Access CloudReady v51.1?

  • Linux Kernel 4.4 upgrade
  • Firmware upgrade for Broadcom, NVIDIA, Intel and other devices
  • For all those users with newer hardware (particularly those Skylake processors) who have been waiting for the kernel upgrade to see if it solves your issues with CloudReady - we strongly encourage you to give this a try and let us know how it goes!


Known Issues with Early Access CloudReady v51.1

We are still working through some bugs - we welcome you to try the build but know it is not quite fully baked.

  • Dell Latitude D520 & D830 are experiencing install issues
  • HP Compaq 6720s cannot connect via wireless
  • HP Stream 11 Pro right-click is not functional
  • HP Compaq dc5800 & 7800 are exhibiting some graphical issues

These are all bugs that will be resolved as part of our formal release but are known issues in Early Access CloudReady.


Lastly, we want to hear your feedback! We are also rolling out a Public Bug Tracker for better collection & reporting of CloudReady bugs. Please check out our new Reporting Bugs page.


We are excited to kick this off! Please feel free to reach out and let us know what you think - thanks for continuing to be a proud CloudReady user!

64bit download: http://go.neverware.com/earlyaccess64bit

early access zip archive: early-access-51.1.72-64-bit/early-access-51.1.72-64-bit.bin.zip
MD5SUM: early-access-51.1.72-64-bit/MD5SUM
SHA1SUM: early-access-51.1.72-64-bit/SHA1SUM
SHA256SUM: early-access-51.1.72-64-bit/SHA256SUM

32bit download: http://go.neverware.com/earlyaccess32bit

early access zip archive: early-access-51.1.70-32-bit/early-access-51.1.70-32-bit.bin.zip
MD5SUM: early-access-51.1.70-32-bit/MD5SUM
SHA1SUM: early-access-51.1.70-32-bit/SHA1SUM
SHA256SUM: early-access-51.1.70-32-bit/SHA256SUM


Jesse Pierce

Senior Project Manager