Hey CloudReady fans!

With some promising feedback from users of our recent Early Access build, and plenty of internal testing and re-testing, we're ready to ship an updated v51.1 for the Free Edition of CloudReady.

This release fixes the following issues from v51.1's initial release: 

Resolved Issues

  • Fix for machines showing flickering / flashing graphics on newer Intel integrated graphics (Skylake and Sandy Bridge families)
  • Fix for some Broadcom wireless devices not displaying available networks and forcing manual SSID & password entry each time
  • Fix for CSS animation/rendering issues know to occur on:
    • Intel Corporation 82Q35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller
    • Intel Corporation 82Q33
    • Intel Corporation Mobile 945

This is a stable release, and not an Early Access build, so updates will work as normal if you install this build, and if you are still using the initial (buggy) release of v51.1, your machine should be able to update automatically to this patched version.

As a reminder, v51.1's original changes can be seen here.

The School and Work Editions of CloudReady should follow with an update to v51.1 in a week or so. 

Many thanks to those who used the Early Access build to help us test our fixes, and to all who tolerated these bugs so we could work our way through a release with many new changes.


32-bit zip: http://go.neverware.com/free32




64-bit zip: http://go.neverware.com/free64





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