Hey CloudReady fans!

We have another Early Access v51.1 Release for users - this includes the following changes:

  • Fix for machines showing flickering / flashing graphics on newer Intel integrated graphics (Skylake and Sandy Bridge families)
  • Fix for some Broadcom wireless devices not displaying available networks and forcing manual SSID & password entry each time

Known Issues

  • Particular graphics models may see some CSS animation issues. This issue manifests itself in some animations not rendering properly or at all, some graphics blocking when windows are minimized / maximized. Known impacted graphics models are:
    • Intel Corporation 82Q35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller
    • Intel Corporation 82Q33
    • Intel Corporation Mobile 945

And finally, as mentioned in this earlier blog post about Early Access releases - there are some things to know about Early Access builds:

  • The build is stable but has not gone through our gauntlet of QA vetting
  • Early Access will not upgrade. This is available via direct install only and will not be automatically upgraded when we release the official v51.1 free version.

That's it! Thanks to everyone for your patience as we work to resolve the latest issues with CloudReady v51.1 and let us know what you think!


32-bit zip: http://go.neverware.com/earlyaccess32bit




64-bit zip: http://go.neverware.com/earlyaccess64bit





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