Hey CloudReady Fans!

We're proud very excited to be launching my.neverware.com today! This new website will grow over time to be your one-stop-shop for all things Neverware and CloudReady.

To start, we're giving administrators a way to see their license count and usage, as well as individual info about each machines, and a way to remove and re-use a CloudReady license without ever contacting support!

Here's a detailed breakdown of the feature-set at launch :

What's new? 

  • Secure login using your email: We'll invite you via email, and you'll be able to set your own password the first time you visit - not even Neverware will have it. 
  • Download CloudReady images on your own: You won't have to contact support anymore to get a link to your CloudReady image - they'll be right in my.neverware.com for you.
  • License count summary: We'll give you all the info we have about how many licenses you've purchased, are using, or have paid ahead for.
  • Device Info Management: We'll show you all your CloudReady devices, both currently active and from the past. You can see their individual expiration dates, the MAC that they show up as in your Google MGMT console, the version of CloudReady they are running, as well as some extra details about their hardware.
  • License Transfer: If you need to move a CloudReady license from one machine to another, you'll be able to do so easily from my.neverware.com - just find the machine you want to retire and click "Disassociate" next to the expiration date.


We're  excited to be bringing users more tools to make CloudReady a helpful product. We're excited for you to use this tool, but also very interested in feedback about how we can improve things.

If you have any issues that you need help with , or see any that you'd like different, don't hesitate to contact [email protected] .


As always, thank you for using CloudReady!