Hey CloudReady fans!


In the next hour or so we'll be releasing a minor update to v49.1 for our free users. 

Within a few days of shipping v49, a little more than a week ago, our very helpful and communicative Forum users pointed out some flaws and failures that helped us to recognize that there were some very important graphics drivers missing in our 64-bit release. This seems to have affected all types of graphics (Intel, NVIDIA, Radeon), though not all in the same way. 

The error that caused this was identified and resolved, which is why we're shipping a patched release today!

OtA updates and fresh-installs of this patched release will be available in the usual ways soon.


List of changes

  • Added back crucial graphics drivers: If your CloudReady machine has been showing bad performance, having issues with external monitors, or failing to recognize different power states, this should be resolved for you.
  • Added back in MP3 support: MP3 support was dropped from 32 and 64 bit builds as we modernized our internal infrastructure. This has been resolved for the update as well.

As always, checksums for the new images are in the Forums


The new release will otherwise be unchanged, but all users will get the update so there's no reinstall necessary.

Our paid users should see this release come out to them as well in only a few days.

Thanks for using CloudReady!