Hey CloudReady fans!

Today we're going live with our newest update to CloudReady: v48.1. This update will start going out to free users today (both OtA updates and new downloads), and will be followed in the next week or so by a release to our paid users as usual.

As always, if you're running from a USB-stick then you'll need to remake your stick, since updates do not work on removable media.


What's new?

Here are the noteworthy changes:

  • Domain/Management Reporting: Free users won't see this feature, but we're adding helpful tracking for whether a machine is under management and by who to help our support staff help paid users when this goes out to them. 
  • Better Dualboot Install feedback : Dualboot is complex, and the feedback users deserve about what or how their install attempt is failing is a long term project for us. This release continues to chip away at that to make it fail more clearly.
  • Microphone Improvements: The Dell Optiplex 755 (and presumably a handful of similar machines) now have working auxiliary microphone inputs.
  • Realtek and Ralink Wifi Improvements: We found some consistently poor performance from Realtek Wifi which led us to upgrade the driver in place for a wide swath of Realtek hardware. We still have some concerns about performance here, so please speak up if your  machine malfunctions!
  • OS Upgrade to v48: This update brings another group of changes from the core Chromium team - the version 48 updates include some performance enhancements, notification changes, and a whole lot of more technical stuff. You can read more in depth here

We're moving directly on to v49 for our next release where we hope there'll be some long awaiting graphics changes.


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