Hey CloudReady fans!

We're launching the next version of CloudReady today: v49.1. This update will start going out to free users today (both OtA updates and new downloads), and Paid users will follow soon.

As always, if you're running from a USB-stick then you'll need to remake your stick, since updates do not work on removable media.


What's new?

Here are the noteworthy changes:

  • Power button fix: On version 47 we noticed that acpi power buttons did not work right on 64-bit builds (it continued to work fine on 32-bit builds). 
  • Even more Dualboot Install feedback improvements : As in the last couple of releases, we're including some more refinements to the feedback dualboot installs give.
  • OS Upgrade to v49: This release's narrow scope is part of an ongoing effort we have to get closer to the stable version of Google Chrome. This release brings us within 1 version number, and we hope to make that our new floor. v49 contains mostly under-the-hood changes, but does include a new smoothed-out scrolling experience. You can read more in depth here

v50  and v51 are in our sights, and we hope to roll out a kernel upgrade sometime this summer to improve all sorts of things.


Have questions? Visit the forums!