Hey CloudReady fans!


We are releasing today an update to v47.1 for all users. 

This release comes with some significant and, for many, disappointing news. We released, but then halted rollout of v47.1 for some users previously because we discovered a major issues with updating. There is a lot of important info for both paid and free users about that issue in a separate blog post, but the most important fact is this:

For a very large proportion of users who updated to v46.1, a re-installation is necessary. 

Your computer is probably affected if you are running v46.1 and an update to v47.1 does not occur within the next 48 hours. Our sincerest apologies go out to those affected. To reinstall, an updated image can be acquired in the following ways:

Free Users: visit http://go.neverware.com/free 

Paid Users: email [email protected] to request an updated image

For those users who are not affected, this update will be provided OtA.

What's new?

Here are the noteworthy changes:

  • Better support for eMMC storage: We've seen some issues booting from and installing to devices with emmc internal storage. This is now, at least for some devices, improved. 
  • Better modern touchscreen support: Some modern machines with touchscreens weren't working up to v46, so we've put in a quick fix that helps some touchscreens as well. 
  • Automated Plugin Updates: To make our experience even more seamless, media plugins like Widevine and Flash will check for and update themselves on each startup. Just reboot to update anytime.
  • Improved Install Error Messaging: Install errors (occurring mostly on uncertified models) are not clear enough yet on CloudReady - this is a work in progress for us. We've made some improvements for this release, and have more coming in v48.1 .
  • 64bit Version Release: After many requests, we will start releasing both 32 and 64 bit versions of CloudReady with every release . We recommend all users stick with 64-bit builds whenever possible, though some Atom processors and older machines will require 32 bit.
  • OS Upgrade to v47: Another upgrade with no huge changes for users. This version is new enough to halt the Chrome-warnings about browser compatibility. With Chrome OS Stable on v49 we will aim to update to v48 ASAP as well.

In addition, we have improved some wireless issues which were in our initial release of v47.1.

RAM Recommendation Change

Finally there is one more major announcement: based on performance we have observed over the last several releases, we are increasing our recommended RAM amount to 2 GB for our free product.

In addition, for our paid users, certification and support for use with CloudReady will be contingent on 2 GB of RAM. This means that , going forward, no machines with less than 2 GB RAM will be officially certified or supported, regardless of model. Please see updated language on our certified models list for more info.

The small group of existing customers with pre-existing machines that do not meet this requirement will retain support.

This new requirement is consistent with the minimum RAM found in brand new Chromebooks being sold today. By drawing even with that amount, we feel we can best ensure that, as Chrome and Chromium improve, so will CloudReady. 


We understand that many of you plan to use CloudReady for years to come - that is why our internal focus is on ensuring that updates are never again interrupted, and that system requirements reflect a specification that will deliver an exceptional CloudReady experience

Thank you for using CloudReady,

Forrest Smith


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