We've discovered a major issue with some machines running CloudReady v46.1 - this issue blocks all updating for affected machines and will require a reinstall for most machines.



This bug affects machines which updated to v46.1 from v45.2 or earlier. Machines that were originally installed with v45.3 or v46.1 are not affected.

Upon finishing the update to v46.1, these machines are no longer able to update - despite our best efforts, there is no workaround for this besides a reinstall. 

Our initial update to v47.1 went live last week for free users - if you did not receive that update automatically, you should assume you are in the group of affected users. For paid users, if your installation happened prior to March 1st you are likely to be affected.

As a result of this bug we previously halted all v47.1 OtA updates. 

Today updated v47.1 builds will become available to paid and free users both OtA and for re-installationThese builds have been rigorously tested for all update scenarios and will auto update when v48 is available.


In adding in support for dualbooting CloudReady with Windows, it was necessary to make some significant changes to CloudReady, particularly in how the partition table is laid out. Though we thoroughly QA'd those changes, there was an update check that was missed which blocks updates if the expected partition-layout is not what is present in an update. 

This discrepancy between pre-dualboot partition tables and post-dualboot partition tables is the source of the problem, and cannot be worked around without a reinstall.


After a long and careful investigation, our team has concluded that there is no way to remotely resolve issue for users who are affected. A reinstall on each affected machine is necessary.

We have cleared v47.1 for release, via OtA updates (for unaffected machines) and re-installation (for those machines unable to update).

With this launch of a revised v47.1 of CloudReady over the next several days, we are introducing 64-bit builds. Though there is no way to make this issue less painful for users, we hope you will take this as an opportunity to install 64-bit - most machines are compatible and we expect a superior experience to emerge over time. 

We understand that automatic updates are core to CloudReady's value for many of you. We strive to make using CloudReady as simple and hassle free as possible, and in this case we have no choice but to apologize for failing to meet our own or your standards. We hope that you will continue to use and have confidence in CloudReady - we are improving it every day, and fully focused on ensuring that an issue of this variety never happens again.


Thanks for using CloudReady,

Forrest Smith