Hey CloudReady fans!


We pushed an update for v46.1 to our free users just a few days ago. Hot on the heels of that, we're excited to bring the same update to our paid users !

If your machines are already installed, they should automatically update soon (check your admin panel settings and https://network.neverware.com if updates aren't working). If you need to remake your installers to install new machines with 46.1, contact support ([email protected]) and we'll set you up.


What's new?

Here are the noteworthy changes:

  • Merged Update Streams for v45.2 and below: This is our first OtA release to merge all pre-dualboot machines with all post-dualboot machines - no matter what type of install your CloudReady is, the updates will come at the same time from now on.
  • Wide-ranging graphics fixes: We downgraded mesa, which is a component in the graphics stack, to address an issues with 2008 NVIDIA graphics (here's lookin' at you, Latitude E-series users!). As we test further and further, we're finding a wide variety of improvements come with this. iMac  5,2 are improved, along with a variety of other Radeon, NVIDIA, and even special Intel graphics. For almost any machine with graphics issues, it's worth giving v46 a try to see if things improve!
  • Standalone install error message issues: A variety of users have gotten a dualboot/UEFI error when attempting to install standalone (which should have no bearing on UEFI or dualboot). This was a bug on our part reporting the wrong errors for some issues. While the underlying issues are not resolved, we should have reduced or removed the false-triggering of that install error.  
  • Proxies more properly supported now: Mostly for paid users, this helps our Flash installation and other low-level CloudReady-focused traffic respect proxy settings instead of trying to circumvent them.
  • MP3 Support: We've added support for MP3 playback into the browser - a much requested feature.
  • OS Upgrade to v46: Nothing crazy happening here, but progress. We'll be moving to v47 and v48 in quick succession, as we stalled for a while on v45 to implement dualboot (and the lovely changes above). 


Have questions? Contact support!