Hey CloudReady fans!


We just pushed an update to v47.1 for our free users!

If your machines are already installed, they should automatically update soon (remember that USB sticks won't update themselves). If you need to remake your USB to liveboot  with v47.1 you can visit http://neverware.com/free .


What's new?

Here are the noteworthy changes:

  • Better support for eMMC storage: We've seen some issues booting from and installing to devices with emmc internal storage. This is now, at least for some devices, improved. 
  • Better modern touchscreen support: Some modern machines with touchscreens weren't workingup to v46, so we've put in a quick fix that helps some touchscreens as well. 
  • OS Upgrade to v47: Another upgrade with no huge changes for users. This version is new enough to halt the Chrome-warnings about browser compatibility. With Chrome OS Stable on v49 we will aim to update to v48 ASAP as well, which will carry some graphics changes.

That's the end of the list of changes we're pushing today, but keep your eyes and ears open - we'll drop a 64-bit version of v47.1 early next week! 


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