Hey CloudReady fans!


We're excited to be pushing another major update hot on the tails of our dualboot release! Today for our free individual users (and soon to follow for paid users) we're releasing v46.1 both over the air as an update and for download at www.neverware.com !

Note that USB-live-boots will still not get updates - there's just no room :-(. If you're livebooting, remake your installer and enjoy the updgrade.


What's new?

Here are the noteworthy changes:

  • Merged Update Streams for v45.2 and below: This is our first OtA release to merge all pre-dualboot machines with all post-dualboot machines - no matter what type of install your CloudReady is, the updates will come at the same time from now on.
  • Wide-ranging graphics fixes: We downgraded mesa, which is a component in the graphics stack, to address an issues with 2008 NVIDIA graphics (here's lookin' at you, Latitude E-series users!). As we test further and further, we're finding a wide variety of improvements come with this. iMac 5,1 and 5,2 are improved, along with a variety of other Radeon, NVIDIA, and even special Intel graphics. For almost any machine with graphics issues, it's worth giving v46 a try to see if things improve!
  • Standalone install error message issues: A variety of users have gotten a dualboot/UEFI error when attempting to install standalone (which should have no bearing on UEFI or dualboot). This was a bug on our part reporting the wrong errors for some issues. While the underlying issues are not resolved, we should have reduced or removed the false-triggering of that install error.  
  • Proxies more properly supported now: Mostly for paid users, this helps our Flash installation and other low-level CloudReady-focused traffic respect proxy settings instead of trying to circumvent them.
  • OS Upgrade to v46: Nothing crazy happening here, but progress. We'll be moving to v47 and v48 in quick succession, as we stalled for a while on v45 to implement dualboot (and the lovely changes above). 


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