Hey CloudReady fans!


Today is a big day for us here at Neverware. We've been hard at work for months to bring to market our most-requested and most exciting feature since CloudReady launched almost a year ago:




To launch dualboot, we're releasing CloudReady v45.3 for use by both our paid users and our free individual users. 

It will not be released as an OtA update. 

Dualboot requires a pre-existing Windows installation, so there's no benefit at this moment to rolling out an OtA update, since those machines would need a fresh install of Windows before they could dual boot.

We will be releasing v46.1 in the coming weeks, which will rollout OtA to all users and carry other significant upgrades with it.


How do I get dualboot!?


If you're an individual user, you can download v45.3 right now from http://www.neverware.com/freedownload

If you're a paid user, you can contact support ask let them know you want to start using v45.3 for fresh-installs to try dualboot. They'll update your link so you can download a dualboot-enabled build for all future installs.


What do I need to use dualboot?


Making dualboot work across a wide variety of machines was complex for us. We have a new set of instructions (read them here and or download them here) that include detailed information about the requirements for dualboot. 

The most important one is: Dualboot will only work with a pre-existing Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 builds which is installed in UEFI mode. That means a machine with a legacy-only BIOS, or a Windows install that is in legacy-mode, will not work for dualboot. 

We apologize in advance if your machine does not meet these requirements. We always strive to make CloudReady stable and consistent, and in this case that required some careful guidelines.

There have also been significant changes to how installation works, which is also detailed in our new instructions. Please review them carefully if you run into issues.


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