Hello, World! Welcome to Neverware’s new blog. We are thrilled to have a new platform to communicate with our community of educators, and to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to fans both old and new.

Three years ago, we set out to revolutionize technology access in schools. While we have an incredible group of schools working with us now, Neverware started simply as a fun concept in a basement. We saw that many schools were struggling to keep up with the pace of technology, and felt strongly that schools should be able to find sustainable solutions that are both affordable and effective. Finding a solution that could be both of those things for schools would become the work of an entire organization and the birth of Neverware.

Our first product, PCReady, allowed schools to centralize the computing power of hundreds of devices on a powerful server. Affordable and easy to maintain, PCReady allowed schools to use the computers they already had with world-class support without purchasing additional equipment. Through this innovation, the product became the world’s first technology solution that would be simple and affordable for schools, effective for students, and protective to the environment.

As the PCReady program began to expand, we began exploring how to grow our impact to match the ever-increasing needs of our partner schools as well as maintain our position on the cutting edge of the market. Combining our growing understanding of the educational landscape with our powerhouse development team, we launched CloudReady. Our cutting-edge software enables a school’s existing computers to run like Chromebooks, tapping into an ever-growing need for nimble and inexpensive computing power. CloudReady brings many of the same benefits of PCReady, like leveraging existing computers and bringing them back as resources and helping streamline management, while also addressing a brand new opportunity for teachers and schools.

We know that the Neverware story is only just beginning, and we hope to continue to keep our friends and readers not only up to date on our our latest developments, but also hope to help share some of the best ideas in education technology with our community. We feel fortunate to be given the opportunity partner with schools and promote more access to technology for students. Thanks for joining us on this adventure and we look forward to growing together!