Hi Everybody!

With the holiday season upon us, we here at Neverware are excited to share cheer with our users. In honor of the season of giving, we're rolling out a major release with a special holiday gift for you!

Download the release here, or just wait for your automatic update if you are installed to an HDD or SSD.

Read below to see a breakdown of the changes.

Major Release Notes:

Here is a short list of noteworthy changes in this release. Plenty of other small changes have taken place, but none should be of significance if not listed here:

  • Update to Chromium v45: We've updated CloudReady from Chromium v44 to v45. This change includes all of Google's changes, of which there are many. Chromecast support is more prominent and streamlines in the system tray, and the OoBE is has an updated look and feel.
  • Flash Updating: In the "Settings" menu of CloudReady, you will now find a button that fetches and installs the latest version of Flash.
  • Microsoft Office File Format Recognition: In v45 of CloudReady, MSOffice Documents you find on the web or open from your Files app will automatically be opened in Google Doc format, as they are on Chromebooks - all you need to do is install this extension on your machine.
  • General Terminal Compatibility: Some sleep/resume issues on ThinkPads were isolated and destroyed.

Special Holiday Gift:

You asked for it, so we did it:

CloudReady now supports Netflix and other protected content playback!

It isn't automatic - there are a few steps necessary to make this work. Once you have v45 installed, go here to read and execute some simple steps that will get enable functionality.


Check out our non-Product blog in the coming days for some exciting coverage of Neverware's Holiday festivities, including our 2nd Annual Iron Chef Apps vs. Zerts competition!