Happy Impending New Year!

Just less than a week ago we updated CloudReady to patch a few bugs for our paid users. This update will roll out automatically to your machines, but you can reach out to support to get the latest image for remaking your install.

Read below to see a breakdown of the changes.

Major Release Notes:

Here is a short list of noteworthy changes in this release - you should only notice changes if you saw the issues related to bugs listed here.

  • Flash on NVIDIA computers: We've fixed an issue where many machines with NVIDIA graphics were unable to display Flash player components. There should be no issues with this in the new release, but please reach out if you see a problem.
  • Managed Printers: We've also fixed a problem we found where managed printers did not work on machines that updated from a lower version to v45.1

This update should fix all instances of the trouble reported above, but if you should continue to have any issues please reach out to our support team.