Every year in December (for two glorious years running) the Neverware teams drops everything multiple times per week to engage in our two favorite activities - Eating, and picking Winners and Losers.  

Along with a deep desire to eat food at the office, Neverware's culture has a long tradition of ruining good working relationships with petty competitions.  The combination of these two results in the very core of what we care about here at Neverware. I hope you enjoy the below peek into our world.


The Format

Apps vs. Zerts includes two brackets - an Apps bracket, and a Zerts bracket. Competitors go head to head in a single-elimination tournament to find a champion for Apps and a champion for Zerts. Those two champions then face off in an ultimate Apps vs. Zerts showdown to decide who will be immortalized in Neverware history:

Eternal Glory

Eternal Glory

For some context, here's a look at last year's bracket, where you can see your humble narrator losing in the championship:

To give you an idea of this tournament's growing popularity, I also present a projection for 2016's bracket size:


So now you have all the background you need to bask in jealousy as I present, in pictures:


The 2015 Neverware Iron Chef Competition:

Being a bacchanalian frenzy of sticky, greasy fingers and un-rinsed plates going directly into the dishwasher, I present no bracket. You're lucky there are pictures.

I'm serious, this is as crazy as we get here at Neverware. If I weren't using CloudReady, I'd probably have started saving documents to the desktop by now. Like an animal.

  Click the pictures below to enjoy a long-series of thrilling photos from the competition.

So there you have it - when next we post it will be with a crowned Champion between our two Finalist-winners, Peter Freudenberger of Apps-Fame and whoever comes out on top tonight in the dramatic finals of the Zerts.


The Twist:

Since this is M. Night Shyamalan's Iron Chef, we have one last announcement:

This year's championship final will force the contestants to switch categories, leaving the Apps-Champ to make a dessert, and the Zerts-Winner to whip up an App.

What intrigue!