We've discovered a major issue with our recent launch of CloudReady v45, and wanted to make our users aware of the trouble immediately, as well as describe potential work-around for those who need a solution sooner.



This bug ONLY affects machines which update from an earlier version of CloudReady to v45. 

When updated, these machines stop being able to show or allow use of printers as managed through the Google Admin Console. 

Cloud printers added personally by users, or shared from one user to another, work as expected in all cases we've observed. 


We believe this issue is related to the way device-policies are stored in versions before and after v45.


Unfortunately, there is no way we know of to re-enable managed printers on CloudReady machines that are updated to v45 short of a full re-install. We recommend contacting CloudReady support to get an updated v45 image, and then re-installing on those machines which need to be able to print in the immediate term.


Our investigation into this issue is already underway, and we expect that within only a few business days we will have finalized a solution to the issue. With a little additional time to guarantee reliability, we hope to be able to provide an over-the-air update to a fixed-version of v45.

This means that, as long as you don't need to do any printing on your CloudReady machines in the immediate future, this bug does not require action on your part.  

If you need to print on affected machines, please refer to the work around or contact support.


We are always sorry to have to report an issue with CloudReady - we think of it as the most reliable option available for simple, fast computing, but there can always be surprises. As we move forward, we will of course use this issue to strengthen our QA process, making future issues even less likely.


Thanks for using CloudReady,

Forrest Smith