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On October 30th we released an update to our Individual Users with an upgrade to Chromium v44, among other changes. With that release came a audio-bug that was causing significant slow down on select machines. I'm happy to be writing to say that we've released a path for that issue to our Individual users this evening, and are releasing that patched-build to our paid customers tonight as well!

As a reminder, here is a link to the description of the bug, which should be reliably fixed with this latest update.

This update to v44.1.33/34 (33 for paid users, 34 for individuals) brings the same changes that v44.1.9 did to our free customers. Here's a refresher of those changes:

Major Release Notes:

Here is a short list of noteworthy changes in this release. Plenty of other small changes have taken place, but none should be of significance if not listed here:

Update to Chromium v44: We've updated CloudReady from Chromium v43 to v44. This change includes all of Google's changes, of which there are many. The most notable are some alterations to the login screen during OoBE and adding users.

  • Installation Issues: Many Individual users have had issues with installing, and found they needed to log out prior to installation. We've fixed this issue for many cases, though you should still visit our user forum if you have an install failure.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop: Our prior versions have not supported the Chrome Remote Desktop App. However, on v44.1.9 this application is fully supported with other CloudReady machines (if they're on v44.1.9), Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. 
  • Support for "Domain Auto-complete": For v44 the Admin Console adds this feature to help users not have to enter their domain during sign in. CloudReady machines can be configured the same way starting in  v44.
  • NVIDIA Graphics: While we previously supported many configurations of NVIDIA graphics, this update carries with it improvements, bug fixes, and new support for a large group of NVIDIA graphics. We have confirmed that the NVIDIA NVS 120M in particular benefits from this, but other likely fixes include:
    • NV46 (G72)
    • GeForce 7200 (GS, Go)
    • GeForce 7300 (LE, GS, Go)
    • GeForce 7400 Go
    • GeForce 7500
    • Quadro FX 350(M)
    • Quadro NVS 110M, 300M, 510M

Additional Notes:

This update involves a minor DNS change in hosting this release - changes of this variety can take a bit to "set in", so some users may not immediately see the update. Within 24 hours everyone and anyone using CloudReady should have the update automatically downloading to their machines (if updates are enabled).

If you're feeling impatient, you can download the free-version update from neverware.com/free immediately, or contact support for an updated build for your paid-CloudReady machines.

Thank You:

Our thanks go out to those of you who reached out to let us know about the early issues we experienced with the v44 release, as well anyone who weathered the storm this week. We love having such invested and vocal users - keep the feedback coming! 

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