Hi Everyone,

This is the kind of news we don't love to post, but we want to keep everyone informed.


Thanks to the communicative nature of our growing community of Individual CloudReady users, we've identified a bug in our latest release.


When this bug shows up, it manifests as lag for all interactions and processes on the machine. The most noticeable issues will be the mouse moving slowly, unresponsively, or not at all.  The most often reported triggers of this issue are:

  • Immediately on update to v44.1.9
  • When starting any kind of audio playback
  • When accessing high-bandwidth websites



We believe this bug is caused by an issue with the "cras" audio service on  CloudReady. 



We have hard of this bug manifesting on a few different models:

  • HP Compaq Presario
  • Lenovo Thinkpad R61, R500
  • Virtual Machine

It is likely that other machines are affected, so if you experience any trouble read the below.



Your machine may lag too much to do any kind of work around. IF you are able to, you can go to a cmd line (ctrl+alt+F2) log in as chrome/chronos, and then run "sudo stop cras". Note that this will halt ALL audio processes.

Alternatively, you could re-install the older version of CloudReady,  v43.1.37,  and then halt updates by running "sudo initctl stop update-engine" at a cmd line.



Our engineering team has isolated the issue  and is working to deploy a patched update as soon as possible. Our intention is to release this update before the end of next week. When the fix is released, we will post an update here. 

When we announce the fix is hosted for updates, if you have disabled updates (see above) and want to re-enable them, just run "sudo initctl start update-engine" and reboot.

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